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Sex game: “One piece of luck 2 – Bigger boat”. In this game you will again meet the pirate Dick D. Schlong, as well as other characters known by the comics Manga. Schlong is fine, he is now a successful pirate and enjoys life on the ship Thousand Sunny, but he is not enough, he wants something more. Previously, Dick D. Schlong was not a very successful pirate, but everything changed when he became the owner of the Devil’s Fruit, called “Horu Horu no Mi”, which allows to create and control special hormones. Using this advantage, Dick seized the ship of famous pirate named Monkey D. Luffy, along with the vessel received the two team members, sexy girls, Nami and Robin, with whom he entertained in your free time fucking their hot pussys and elastic asses. Everything was fine until Kalifa, the world government agent, appeared, she must defeat and arrest the pirate Dick D. Schlong. Show who is in charge here, beat off all the attacks of an aggressive girl, and then fuck her pussy with a big pirate cock, and see what events will unfold further.

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