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Free adult game: “Red heat”. Intelligence, one big country, caught on the streets of the city, a spy. The guy caused suspicion of what he bought in a sex store, dildo, but it was just a gift for a girlfriend. And now the guy is interrogated, with what mission he arrived and what he should do, but he has nothing to say because, he is a simple masseur of the olympic women’s team. But captain Borshev knows how to make a spy speak, he has a “truth serum”. To be honest, this serum is an ordinary aphrodisiac, the formula of which was stolen from China, falling into the blood of the victim, causes sexual attraction and, controlling his brain, encourages telling the truth. To force a spy to talk, inject a serum is not enough, we still need to sexually arouse the client. For this purpose, were immediately caused from vacation, sexy Natalya Knockerz, who specializes in intimate affairs, has large, mouth-watering tits, her mouth designed to suck a dick, and not one spy can resist her beauty, she will make anyone speak.

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