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Erotic game: “Redheads in the dark”. One dark night, Crosstail and Sofi were alone in a scary forest. They are out of luck. Now they will be the victim of the one called Huldra. Huldra looks like a young and attractive girl, but a meeting with her does not bode well. She’ll take turns fuck Crosstail and Sofi, and when she’s done with them, she’ll just kill them by stabbing them in the neck with a sharp knife. After that, Crosstail and Sofi will go to hell, where they will meet with demons. Ruthless demons will fuck Crosstail and Sofi in the ass, and nothing will stop them. Time after time, they will cum in the hot assholes of their victim until the sperm flows through the mouth, and then, will fuck them again, and it will last forever.

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