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Porn game: “Robin and witches”. Once in a kingdom that is high in the sky, a witch named Samantha stole the princess. The witch wants to impose a curse on the princess and subdue the kingdom. An ordinary guy, whose name is Robin, was in love with the princess, he promised the queen that he would return the princess home. Since the strength of Samantha not to overcome, the guy decided to take it by cunning. He went to a familiar witch, she needs sperm for a rejuvenating potion, and she masterfully can get it with the help of blowjob. Robin had no difficulty in exchanging a portion of sperm on the compass, which will point the way to sisters who are also witches, they know how to defeat the evil Samantha. The sisters prepared a potion that would make Robin’s sperm deadly for Samantha, but to make it work as it should, the sperm must be bewitched, for this it is necessary that it is inside each of the sisters. For Robin there was nothing easier than to fuck sexy girls, and cum, one ass, the other in pussy. And now the weapons are ready. It remains to send to the depraved Samantha in another world, and to release the princess, using an enchanted dick.

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