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Porn online game: “Samus The Tentacle Trap”. Cute girl named Samus, works in the galactic police. She was ordered to immediately return to the galactic police department. Deciding that asked to come its colleague , since the voice seemed familiar, a girl hurried to the call, but she did not know that it was a trap. This alien monster, with horny tentacles, decided to lure Samus in a secluded place and there to rape her. We will help him in this difficult task. Your aim is to take off with girl armor, and other clothes. After a long chase and shootout, we undress and catch a fugitive, and finally be able to fuck a sexy Samus. Fuck will tentacles, shove them in her mouth, pussy, and, of course, in the ass brisk girl. Samus is nothing left to do, only wait, when the horny monster, enjoy the intimate charms female, finished to fuck her, and let go on all four sides.

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