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Sex game: “School of rape”. Full version. The guy by the name of Isaac is not an easy life. He is a shy loner and is the main target of bullies who are constantly bullied over him. Most people do not even notice it, because he is trying to remain invisible, but it does not always work. This time the director of the school Mrs. Jones promised to exclude him from the school, because classmates complain about his bad behavior, but it was slander. Upset guy wandered through the spaces of the school, and again met his attackers, it was three sexy girls, Goldie, Rachel and Lisa. They are constantly insult Isaac, and forced to do homework for them. Today, however, fortune smiled upon the guy. Him decided to help the janitor, his ancestors were Indian shamans and he kept some secrets. Janitor gave Isaac a powerful aphrodisiac, before which, cannot stand any woman. Under the influence of pheromones girl excited, their nipples harden and pussy become wet. With this potion guy restore justice, now the girls will do something for which they are intended to suck dick and fuck in all holes intimate. Mrs. Jones also did not remain without attention, by Isaac hard fuck lewd woman in a pose doggy style, right in the office.

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