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Sexy game: “Schoolgirl curse 2: A prank goes bad”. Lucy is new girl in school and in order to gain recognition and join the women’s society she must pass the test, enter an abandoned dorm and find the flag of the female community. If she doesn’t, she won’t have friends. The girl had no choice and she, having overcome his fear, went into a terrible building. But Lucy had no idea that a group of girls wanted to make a cruel joke, they wanted to tie her up and spank paddle by bare ass. However, fate played a cruel joke on the insidious girls. In room 69 one of the girls found an idol of the ancient transsexuals and disturbing the statue, brought upon himself the curse of the demon penis. Now, instead of a sexy pussy, between her legs grew huge, male dick, and that would get rid of him, you need someone to fuck, then the curse will move on to the next victim. Fortunately, she has pretty girlfriends, and they have intimate holes, so getting rid of the dick will not be a big problem.

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