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Sexy game: “Schoolgirl curse”. The three girls, Christie, Lilly, and Izzy, were on a field trip to the County Museum of Natural History. There they were bored and, without permission, separated from the main group, went on their own to explore the antiquities. In the exhibition of fertility symbols, the attention of the girls was attracted by an ancient idol with tits and a huge penis. The most nimble and inquisitive Christie, certainly wanted to touch the ancient relic, but, inadvertently, broke the exhibit and, thereby, activated the curse of the ancient transsexuals. Soon the girl grew a huge cock, and she was possessed by uncontrollable lust. To break the curse, you needed to fuck someone, and her friend, with a delicious elastic ass, Lilly, was very conveniently nearby. After fucking her friend, Christie got rid of the penis, but the curse did not completely disappear, it passed to Lilly and now she needed to somehow get rid of this hose between her legs. Who will be the next victim?

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