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Porn flash game: “Secret agent”. You have to play the role of a secret agent named Johnson and work for the FBI. The terrorists forced professor Emmett Von Braun do machine for the creation of a murderous clone army. Secret agents freed professor, but did not find clone machine. Professor dismantle it into 5 parts and hid in Europe, at the lover and in different countries. Your mission is to collect all the parts and bring them to the bureau. Go to Europe, talk to the girls, answer their questions. If you answer correctly you will be able to fuck the girl, and in return will receive a portion of the clone machine. All girls are sexy and without complexes. They love to suck dick and get fucked in the ass. So act boldly. When you collect all 5 parts and deliver clone machine to the United States, the head of operations will be very grateful. But she did not realize that the clone machine is already activated and now its would be to fuck, the clone army in all the intimate holes.

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