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Free hentai game: “Secrets of journalism”. The director of the fitness club Nick Hudson was engaged in the preparation of new contracts in his office when someone knocked on the door. It was a pretty girl, Elise Brooks, a business news reporter. Elise asked to give her some time to answer a few questions, and Nick agreed. During the conversation, the director suspected that something was wrong, and inquiring about Elise Brooks, learned that she, in fact, is a reporter for the newspaper “Yellow truth”. Nick Hudson knew the lying girl’s boss personally, and now her career was on the verge of failure. In order not to lose her job, Elise agrees to have dinner with Mr. Hudson. Next, Nick offers to go to his home and lose some calories with the help of sex. Of course, Elise knew what the end of the dinner and was ready to fuck with anyone just to not be left without a work.

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