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Flash online game: “Sexy Magic 4”. Adventures of a mage in the game, “Sexy Magic” continues. Due to its magic wand, he comes out the winner of the most difficult situations, and as a reward, has sex with charming women. Finding himself in the house of two beautiful girls, he saves them from the rat, and they, in gratitude, given to drink their savior’s wine. Happy magician went to sleep, waking up in the night and found out that the girls are actually demons, but that did not bother him, because girls with horns turned out to be horny bitches and really wanted to have sex. So that group sex was not long in coming. The girls greedily pounced on dick magician, licked and sucked it, and then gave the guy to lick their pussies, and began to take turns to fuck with him. Mage as always was at the highest level, fucked two mischievous girls, bringing give them an unforgettable experience. Continuation of the game: Sexy Magic-5

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