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Porn game free: “Snow white and Red hood”. Two fabulous stories in one porn game. The first tale, about Snow White, she ran away from the Kingdom and that she had a reason. The Queen was jealous of her beauty, her gorgeous sexy body, her big boobs, and therefore, forbade all male to fuck Snow White, and whoever disobeys will be executed. The woman had not had sex for three months, she knew that dwarfs live in the forest and hoped that they would fuck her. The dwarves had heard of the decree of the Queen, and at first were apprehensive about the offer Snow white to have sex, but overexcited woman forced the dwarves to fuck her, and in the end everyone was happy. The second story is about Red Riding Hood. She met a wolf in the woods, he robbed her, took 157 $, a basket of pies and tied it to a tree. Fortunately, there was a lumberjack nearby, he even hurried to the aid of the girl. But to release her, the guy did not hurry. In exchange for freedom, lumberjack fucked Red Hood in the mouth. The girl did not have a choice, she wanted to free herself, for this, submissively sucked the proposed dick. Strangely enough she liked it, and she for $ 200 agreed to fuck in the ass.

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