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Flash sexy game: “Street fucker”. This game is a parody on the well-known video game “Street Fighter”. Fighter Ryu found a job as a trainer in the martial arts club ”Sakura Martial Club”. There he met a girl named Sakura, whom he has known for a very long time, she was the owner of the club. To recall the old times, they decided to arrange sparring. As the fight turned out to be very hot, Sakura decided to cool down a little and bare her tits with erotic, hardened nipples. Ryu immediately got excited, his dick instantly rose and became harder than steel. Then they were no longer up to the fight, only sex was on their mind and they began to enjoy each other. Behind this occupation they were found by Chun-li, their common friend. She was outraged that Ryu used to be called Sakura his younger sister, and now bent her and shamelessly stick his big cock in her tender pussy. Conversations decided to leave for later, and the battle continued, but now Ryu had to fight with two girls.

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