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Free adult game: “Synchro pussies”. World Championships in synchronized swimming. There was one day left before the finals, and the team of girls, whom we will support, was a little nervous, they were opposed by a team of strong competitors. But the last cup must be won at any cost. The coach hurried to reassure the girls, he had a plan. Only, it is necessary to invite the special agent Mr. XXX, and he will solve their problem. Agent XXX was a professional, and as if by chance finding himself in the locker room of competitors, he offered the girls to relax and gain strength with the help of sex. The girls liked the proposal, and they began to relax right here in the locker room. Mr. XXX was an expert in his field, he fucked girls of competitors for a long time, diligently and in all the places suitable for this, as a result, the beauties were completely exhausted, which was what the sex agent needed to achieve. Finally it remains to help our girls synchronously perform, and victory is assured. Now the winners should thank their assistant well and how they will do it, see for yourself.

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