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Erotic flash game: “The benefits of free press”. Mr. Lee is one of the most famous people in the state. Many journalists trying to interview him, but it’s not just, he tries to avoid meeting with journalists. Today after work, Mr. Lee as usual was going to go home, but pesky journalists blocked the main entrance and to avoid them, the man decided to leave through the back entrance. But there, too, waiting for him. It was a sexy girl named by Diana, also a journalist, and if she did not get an interview, will be fired. Mr. Lee has agreed to help the girl, but on the condition that for every question she would take off her clothes. Is no choice, she had to agree. As a result, after a short conversation, by Diana, was in the basement alone with Mr. Lee, also completely naked. Now to end the interview, the girl should kneel and suck dick of Mr. Lee, as long as he does not cum in her gentle mouth. But a blowjob a man is not limited, he is a fuck sweet, obedient journalist, in the ass and pussy.

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