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Sexual game: “The legend of Zelda – Twilight fuck”. It’s been a few years since Link defeated Ganondorf and Midna returned to the Twilight Realm. Everything was calm and easy, but one day, Link was summoned to Hyrule Castle again! Recently, in her dreams, Princess Zelda sees ancient artifacts that are stored in the Temple of Time of the Lost Woods and is sure that it has something to do with her family. Link must go there immediately, find the artifact and deliver it to Zelda. After going the hard way, Link found what he was sent for, it was a legendary magic lute and and sex song lyrics that belonged to the royal family a long time ago. With this musical instrument, can be fuck anyone you want. Back at Hyrule Castle, Link was in no hurry to hand over the lute, he always dreamed of fucking Zelda and this was his chance.

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