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Online porn game: “Training with Korra”. A sexual parody of the popular animated television series “The Legend of Korra”, in which the actions take place in the fictional universe of the Avatar world. Korra, a water mage from the Southern tribe, has romantic feelings for a girl named Asami, who is the daughter of a wealthy industrialist. Asami, too, is not indifferent to Korra. However, they have mutual feelings, they are lesbians and they love to play pranks, caressing each other. Today, Asami has a new invention, this mega-super dildo, and she suggested to Korra to be tested by a new device. Of course, Korra is not against sex with her beloved girlfriend, her pussy is always ready for this. In the end, the tests were successful, and now Asami will establish the production of toys for sex.

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