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Adult erotic game: “Trident of lust”. Somewhere on the coast of North America, in one of the central banks, penetrated a brave pirate with his girlfriend, with the intent to rob him, and at the same time and have sex in a secluded place. They were so carried away by sex that they forgot everything in the world, eventually were arrested and imprisoned. A kind guy helped the pirate make an escape, but not just, the pirate was looking for a magical trident having the power of all the seas, and this guy was also interested in it. But getting out of jail wasn’t enough. They must save the girlfriend of the pirate from the gallows, because the card that will help find the trident, be with her, and that the girl would agree to show the way, need to fuck her well. So, it’s done, and they went on a difficult journey in search of a magical trident. But as it turned out later, all efforts were in vain, because the trident, all this time was in the girl’s ass. Such here there are, mystery womans.

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