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Flash xxx game: “Tsunade Stalker”. Have Naruto not had sex since Christmas, his balls about to explode from the tension. But aunt Tsunade does not allow him to stay for the night, she locked all doors and went to take a shower. The guy needs to satisfy their sexual needs and fuck appetizing girl. Use ninja skills to get inside the house and remain unnoticed. Once in the house, we must also unnoticed pour into the glass from which drinking Tsunade, sleeping pills, and then the girl all yours. While she was under the influence of sleeping pills, crawling naked on his haunches to his bedroom, we will fun with a woman, slap her on the buttocks and boobs. Then prepare a girl to have sex, shoving fingers in her ass and then fucks helpless Tsunade on the floor in different positions and in different holes. Such a tricky way, Naruto has achieved what he wanted.

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