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Sex game: “Vagina hidden in the steam”. A team of brave ninjas has been sent to the Hidden Mist Village to steal a valuable Karma Sutra scroll from the Mizukage house. Our main character was sent to find Miss Terumi, who is still outside the village, and if necessary, distract her to give her teammates time to search for the scroll. When, in the end, the guy found Mizukage, he could not believe his eyes, the girl was relaxing, bathing alone in the hot spring. Spy on the Mizukage while the other ninja ransack her home, and wait for the girl to get drunk. Move the mouse up and down to control the character to hide from the piercing gaze of the Mizukage. And when Mizukage is drunk, the guy will have to complete his mission to the end, distract the girl by entertaining her with his big cock.
!!! There may be a pause between scenes (black screen).

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