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Free sex game: “Velma Dinkley in a sticky sap trap”. Everyone loves Halloween. Many on this holiday decorate houses with pumpkins, from which they make scary faces, dress up in costumes of ghosts, vampires, bats, witches and other characters from the afterlife. The two guys decided to celebrate Halloween in their own way. Wearing Scooby-Doo costumes, they tied up Velma Dinkley and have fun with her. One, shoves a dick into Velma’s sexy mouth, and the other, diligently fucks her in the ass. Velma, is a girl without complexes and loves to have fun in this way. Using hidden elements of the game, you can undress Velma, change the color of hair and clothes, and also turn the girl into a transgender with a big cock. So that guys can cum, click on their eggs. Happy Halloween!

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