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Online adult game: “Voting”. This porn game has two happy ends, and how it ends depends on you. A month before the elections, at the final debate, candidates for the leaders of the country, which, you can guess by the flag, promised the people each their charms. For the votes of the voters, each of them is ready to promise a fantastic life, just to get more percent and take power into their own hands. But this is already in the past. The election is almost over, only 1 minute to the end, each candidate received 49% of the vote, and there are two, more who want to vote, a guy and a girl, but there was only one ballot. With the help of the game, “Rock-Paper-Scissors”, you need to determine the winner. You will play for the guy and if you win you can fuck a pretty girl, such is their contract, but if the girl wins, fate of the guy is not enviable, the girl will fuck him in the ass, a big, artificial cock. Do not be late for elections.

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