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Adult game: “Wild west milfs”. Bethany Bigguns and her gang planned to visit the small town to commit a bank robbery, but were spotted by the locals. The city’s sheriff, Rowdy Rhonda, along with the townspeople, ambushed the villains. The gang was destroyed, but Bethany survived and was able to escape. The arrogant sheriff, in order to strengthen her reputation, despite the objections of the townspeople, went alone in pursuit of a fugitive criminal. Bethany managed to decently break away from the pursuit, but soon an obstacle arose in her path, a strange cart blocked the road. It was the wagon of a merchant of tonics and elixirs, his name was Barnabus Boulderheim. Bethany returned the stranger’s greeting rather rudely, and Barnabus decided to teach her a lesson in respect. In place of the promised potion of “invisibility”, he gave the girl a drug that stimulates sexual desire. And now, under the influence of an aphrodisiac, Bethany will politely and affectionately serve Mr. Barnabus’ cock.
!!! If you see a black screen, please wait for the game to load.

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