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Porn demo game: “Wondergirl forbidden fruit”. Perhaps you know this woman in comics, there she is presented as Wonder Woman, she is a Princess of the Amazons and at home is known as Diana. This porn game, a parody of the comic book and the heroine is called Wondergirl. But it does not play a big role, all women are the same. Well, then so. Wondergirl, as usual, under the waterfall washed their charms, tits, pussy and all that, but her occupation was interrupted, the soldier fell from the cliff, the girl had to urgently save him. She succeeded. Then the soldier told that he had made a difficult way to the city of Themyscira, only to fuck the sweet pussy of the famous Wondergirl, therefore he was here. The girl knew that sex is humiliating for the Amazons, but it did not stop her. She was already very horny, her pussy oozed out, and she wanted sex. Taking the word of a soldier that he will not return, Wondergirl gave in to their feelings and began to fuck with a stranger.

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