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Porn game: “Xmas pay rise 3: Mrs. Claus’ Busty Treats”. The curious elf Tinker looked into the kitchen, where Mrs. Claus was making cookies for her husband. Tinker could not deny herself to try a delicious delicacy and, having stolen a cookie from the table, ate it. Unbeknownst to her, the cookies are made from special ingredients and that elven girls are not allowed to eat them. The consequences were not long in coming. Tinker’s body was transformed by increasing in size and now in sexuality was not inferior to the mouth-watering forms of Mrs. Claus. The elf’s act angered Mrs. Claus. To teach the thief a lesson, she spanked the girl’s naked ass with her big tits. Having punished Tinker in this way, Mrs. Claus calmed down and, in order to console the elf, had lesbian sex with her. The girls fondled each other for a long time, using tongues, fingers and suitable kitchen utensils, until Jack appeared. The guy was passing by and came in to say hello to Santa. Now Mrs. Claus will have to do everything so that her husband does not find out what she is doing in his absence.
!!! The game works stably in the Mozilla Firefox browser, in others it may slow down.

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