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Porn online game: “Xmas pay rise 4: Summer vacation”. Mrs. Claus decided to go away for the summer away from the North Pole and her cheating husband. She was well settled somewhere in the Caribbean and spent her days on the beach. The famous Diva Mizuki was vacationing at the same resort, and the girls met by chance. Before they were not familiar, but Mrs. Claus knew that Mizuki is naughty girl and you can have good fun with her. Under the pretext of helping her sort something out, she invited her to her room. When Mrs. Claus was preparing to meet a new friend, she found an unexpected surprise in her suitcase, it was an elf named Sparky, he also wanted to relax, and besides, Mrs. Claus owed him some bonus pay. When Mizuki arrived, Sparky realized that there was going to be an orgy and he would get his bonus in full. Fucking such delicious girls, every elf dreams.
!!! The game works stably in the Mozilla Firefox browser, in others, brakes are possible.

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