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Adult porn flash game: “Sexy Magic 3”. The third part of the game. Leave zonked from sex girl and continue the adventure. Clumsy magician, descending into the dungeon, stumbled, fell, hit his head, and the journey continues in hallucination, of an unconscious mage. But this is not important, the main magic wand is still working and helps solve puzzles. Finding himself in the country of fairy tales, and tickled the clitoris huge female pussy, boldly go into the opened vagina, to meet new riddles. At the end of the road we find the sexy fairy, locked in a cage. Kill green monster who wants to rape her, and release the captive. In gratitude for the rescue, the fairy to offer to have sex, so fucked a girl with wings in intimate holes, cum in her ass and move on to the fourth part of the porn game: Sexy Magic-4

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